Who We Are: The witty, wild, wacky, and weird world of the "Big JuJu Media Radio Show" features the absurdist lunacy of Steve Steinburg, Pastor Pernid Ferner, Katherine Damiana Milieu, Jordan McNamara, Jonathon Knightsbridge, and Arthur La Ja Joie JuDour (a.k.a. "Art JuDour") on their continuing mission to serve "Operation Big JuJu."

What We Do: The purpose of the mission (should you choose to accept it) is to fulfill the law of "RIDEAT AUT MORIETUR" as we continue our journey together to seek out, find, and destroy the world's bad mojo** while turning it into the good juju, one radio show (and video) at a time. 

Why We Do It: 1) Life is funny when you choose to laugh at it before it laughs at you; 2) It's not about what "they" believe, it's about what we think "they" deserve; and, 3) Laughter is the best medicine, and the world could use some medicine don't you think?

**WARNING: This show is absolutely NSFW and is also DNSFEOS (definitely not safe for easily offended snowflakes). This show is 100% guaranteed to be politically incorrect and offensive to troglodytes worldwide. This show reveals the B.S. behind the status quo, the establishment, the mediocre masses, the media, political parties, political correctness, alternative facts, false narratives, lies, stupid ideas, and all stupid people (regardless of their place on the political, religious, financial, sexual, racial, or educational spectrum), and then laughs at all of them.

SPECIAL NOTE: Big JuJu Media and "Operation Big JuJu" are covertly owned, operated, and controlled by a "silent investor" known to conspiracy theorists as the "shadow government" -- operating quietly and discreetly behind the scenes of everyone and everything that matters in the new world order they have created. According to our above-top-secret sources and methods, this entity has been outed as The Big Jewish Media -- the world's most fabulous, largest, most powerful, richest and best Big Jewish Media mega-conglomerate on the face of this god-forsaken planet so just get over it, already... and, yes, they run the world so you don't have to... and because you can't.

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